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Youth Advisory Steering Group

Evolve Initiative have set up a Youth Advisory Steering Group (YASG) to advise us about the services we should provide for the youth and how we may be able to improve the current services we offer. The groups consists of young people that have previously or still currently use our services. With a variety of different skill sets and personalities we get a true flavour of what we need to do to serve the youth best. They also manage some of the youth projects for Evolve Initiative. If you would like to be part of the Youth Advisory Steering Group please drop us an email and tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to be part of this group.

Zak- YASG Lead

Engineering Sketch

Zak is a civil engineer and has previously taken part in Evolve Initiatives’ community activities. Zak aims to lead the next generation as part of the youth group. Zak's desire is to support Evolve Initiatives vision become a reality through developing and managing new projects whilst also expanding the group through his excellent leadership skills.

Camera for filming TV show


Being the is the  youngest member of the youth group and actively participates in many of Evolve Initiative's events and workshops.  Rukhsana studies journalism and has a passion for media. She says her passion for media stems from a desire to raise awareness and challenge the way we think about society. Rukhsana hopes to inspire those around her and diversify Evolve Initiative's audience by advertising the initiative to people of her age group.

Pills on Spoons


Saliha has been a part of Evolve Initiative from the start. She has a strong drive to help and support her community which reflects her current course of education, Pharmacy.   Saliha's dedication has led her to become the backbone of the group through actively engaging in brainstorming, working behind the scenes to keep things ticking away and always offering her support and experience wherever it is required. 

Sports Car


Iqraa is an individual who puts 110% into everything she sets her mind to. Her drive and ambition has allowed her to make her mark with County level cricket as well as the Aerospace industry. She is an active member in the community and supports a number of charities. 

Iqraa is co-leading the Evolve Initiative Youth Group and also leads her own own sub team. Her drive and ambition are fuelled by her dream of creating opportunities for people all across the globe in order for them to fulfil their dreams. 

Iqraa will continue to be someone the younger community can look up to and find support.

Get in touch if you want to know more about the group and how you can get involved by emailing  

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