A monthly forum for 18 - 25 year olds to come together and allow whatever comes to come.  This platform is provided for young people to  collectively talk about the topics and issues relevant to them. These free to attend events support community discovery.

COVID-19 - We have now moved our Discovery Space meeting online. Our monthly meetings will take place via Zoom until further notice


We have no agenda
We work with the wisdom of the group (the collective intelligence)

We use the resources we all have.
We allow what comes, to come, and go with what feels right
We have authentic conversations
We all support each other, listen, learn and sponsor
We don’t know where we will meet on a monthly basis
We don’t know who will be in the group from one month to the next    
New ideas and projects/work/etc can spin off from the group  
We hold the space for each other.
and, and, and….
We presuppose nothing. We exist from a creative, open space and see what comes in the moment

Mahnaz Bhatti, NoorWorks



COVID-19 - We have now moved our Discovery Space meetings online. Our monthly meetings will take place via Zoom until further notice on the last Thursday of each month from 8pm to 9pm. To register either email us or visit

#BlackLivesMatter Discovery Space

A special Discovery Space session

BLACK LIVES MATTER and the reason for holding this space to have conversations YOU want.

The current events have affected all of us in different ways, so this space comes from a place of love, understanding and compassion. 


This will  be:

  • a space of learning and evolving, 

  • a space of UNlearning and discovery, 

  • a space of having the difficult conversations we have avoided, 

  • a space of connection, 

  • healing, 

  • solidarity, 

  • introspection, 

  • reflection 

  • and so much more....

This event is in collaboration with @universallydiverse @shazniz and @Liliana.paduraru77 (Romania)


March’s discovery space was amazing! Rea
Our April Discovery Space was an interes
Our February session! ._
The Discovery Space June 2018_⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀_
That time of the Month coming up! Last m
Our Anniversary session was AMAZING! So

I didn't know what to expect when I came for the first time and from the community I belong to, some topics are stigmatised. But this space was an opportunity to talk about anything we wanted to openly without judgement



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