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At Evolve Initiative, we offer life coaching to help individuals tap into their inner wisdom and work towards achieving positive outcomes. Read about our life coaches below and get in touch if you'd like to arrange an initial 'chemistry' chat by emailing

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All our coaches have completed the Certified Coach Progrmme course with NoorWorks Ltd



Ghazalla has been a life coach for over 5 years and has worked with a number of clients from various different backgrounds. Her passion is to help people to connect with their inner wisdom. She loves seeing the growth in her clients and makes her work worthwhile and fulfilling.  If you would like to have an initial 30 minute consultation contact Ghazalla below.


Hannah is a youth coach who specialises in supporting young people to reach their goals. Her approach to coaching is holistic and person-centred. She is experienced in helping children and teens identify areas which they wish to work on, set achievable goals, work through obstacles and commit to set deadlines. Hannah offers a safe space in which her clients can explore their aspirations and persevere through challenges, whilst also empowering them to be accountable to themselves and their commitment to achieve their goals.




Since becoming a life coach in 2018 Shamala has been working on techniques where she can incorporate coaching in to everyday activities for young children. She admires how children articulate themselves in creative ways. She is keen to work with parents and children to see the best within themselves and reflect that positivity on each other.  Contact her below to have a chat.


Nahila is a dedicated Mizan therapist and life coach committed to fostering the empowerment of women. Her primary objective is to facilitate women in assuming ownership of their mental and physical wellness to optimize their potential. Integrating life coaching seamlessly into her Mizan therapy practice, Nahila provides comprehensive support to women encountering obstacles in self-realization. Through her approach, Nahila endeavors to guide women toward unlocking their authentic capabilities and realizing their aspirations. To schedule a consultation for Mizan Therapy or a 30-minute introductory Life Coaching session, kindly utilize the contact button provided below


“Aalia’s vision is to support people to become the best version of themselves. Through her varied experience in coaching young people/adults, she works on areas such as self confidence and self-love. Aalia’s creative approach will support you through your journey of self-discovery. This will involve learning to become curious about yourself, understanding the barriers that stop you from being you, navigating through your web of thoughts and connecting with your inner wisdom to shed light on what it is you really want. Please click below for a free 30 minute discovery call, to determine the best support for you”.

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