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how you can help

Your charity or organisation can support, nurture and develop future leaders by giving young people and opportunity to work voluntarily on a project to increase awareness within the community.  

your role

  • Inform the young people about your organisation  

  • Be open to working in partnership with a feasible project presented by the group 

  • Allow regular communications on the update of the project  

  • Support the young people in developing the project  

  • Allow the use of the organisation resources for the project  wherever possible



Working Together To Make A Positive Change

One of Evolve Initiative core values is collaboration and this is why we are always keen to work with other organisations who serve their communities. Have you got time to spare for this worth while project? Want to know more about being a partner? 


  • A local registered charity, CIC or voluntary organisation

  • Be interested in working with young people 



  • New project organised and led by the young people that meets the charity’s objective.  

  • Increase awareness of the charity 

  • Sharing knowledge, skills and information  

  • Charity’s contribution to community and leadership development of young people  

  • Collaboration and partnership working with local charity  

  • Complimentary tickets to community events, participant recognition events 

  • Approachable  

  • Friendly 

  • Open to suggestions made by the young people  

  • Helpful 

  • Inspire and motivate young people to achieve goals 

  • Patient  

  • Encourage  


  • Be committed to supporting the young people’s project in its entirety   

  • Communicate with the group regularly 

  • Make open, honest and positive contributions towards the project  

Interested in becoming a Community Partnership Organisation?  

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