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With our organisation’s mission always in mind, we deliver a range of activities to bring together and empower the community.

Community Activities: Activities
Community Activities: Activities


Sunset Views



A monthly forum for 18-25 year olds to discuss issues relevant to them. Allowing authentic conversation to take place in an open space with no judgement and no agenda. Watch the videos below to see what this space is all about

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Discovery Space for Younger People

A unique space for 15-17 year olds to explore and discuss topics relevant to them. These quarterly sessions allow discovery, awareness and growth.

An open space with no judgement and no agenda.


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Forest Trees

Evolve in


A platform to have meaningful 'conversations'  amongst young adults to  discover more about themselves and Islam. Open to 16- 25 year olds to learn, discuss and talk about Islam in a non judgemental, open space

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