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Occasionally we hold specially dedicated Discovery Space sessions. Below you can find details of the 'special' sessions that have taken place in the past. If you would like us to run a dedicated Discovery Space session please get in touch. 

A special Discovery Space session

BLACK LIVES MATTER and the reason for holding this space to have conversations YOU want.

The current events have affected all of us in different ways, so this space comes from a place of love, understanding and compassion. 


This will  be:

  • a space of learning and evolving, 

  • a space of UNlearning and discovery, 

  • a space of having the difficult conversations we have avoided, 

  • a space of connection, 

  • healing, 

  • solidarity, 

  • introspection, 

  • reflection 

  • and so much more....

This event is in collaboration with @universallydiverse @shazniz and @Liliana.paduraru77 (Romania)

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